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We can machine almost any part you can think of, using wide variety of materials and coatings to your specifications. Talk to us about your machining needs today. Contact Us!

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Electric Wire Arc Thermal spraying

Utilizes the same principles employed in wire arc welding systems. The coating material in wire form is electrically charged, then contacted creating an arc/ the molten droplets of metal wire are then sprayed onto the substrate using a high velocity air stream to atomize and propel the material. Typical coating materials include 60T 13 Chrome Steel Wire, 95MXC UltraHard Armacor M Wire and combinations of both, Aluminum, Babbitt and Bronze.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining

This is the most efficient and expedient way to machine large quantities of machine parts to exact specifications from a range of materials:
  • Lathe & turning centres up to 48” diameter
  • Mill & machining centres up to 24” diameter
  • Mill machining up to 72” in length
  • Multi-axis machining
  • Custom threading